i see. i say.

hello. welcome to my blog. i am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a teacher, a friend, a crafter, a singer, a baker, a collector…probably some other things too, but those sort of sum up what i enjoy most, and also might shed some light on what you’ll find here. i’ve attempted to capture glimpses of the little things in my life that make me happy. i hope you’ll find some value or small joy in them too.



it has been nearly a year since i began my very own specialized diet, and i have found it’s a bit difficult to find a centralized source for recipes that i can actually use. i’ve finally been able to compile several recipes that i have tweaked (some more than others) to suit my diet, and i hope that someone, somewhere out there, may find my site helpful. although i’ve titled this section “baking,” some other types of recipes occasionally grace my site. i am ever-grateful to the amazing guys and gals of the world wide web who have given me something to work with, and i, of course, always give credit where credit is due.


a few years ago i spotted the best christmas tree skirt ever. vintage, scandinavian design, in mint condition. sadly, out of my price range. i thought, “why not make my own version?” so i tried, and tried again, and ended up with slightly sloppy, yet endearing soon-to-become-family-treasure. one thing led to another, and now i share my (now much more carefully made) tree skirts with the world. i’d like to share my creative, crafty journeys with friends who are interested. enter: blog.


it occurs to me that although i am an english professor, i find my leisurely reading time spent mostly in juvenile fiction; specifically, vintage juvenile fiction. guilty pleasure? maybe. but in an effort to share my pleasure with you, and to ensure that these vintage treasures are not forgotten, i am sharing them here.


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