cut. sew. repeat. {and done}

i’m not going to lie – i am the world’s worse procrastinator. what complicates matters is the fact that i’m also constantly thinking of all these ideas that i think are amazing, but i can rarely execute them because of my procrastination.

yep, it’s a vicious cycle.

that’s where you (readers, friends, family) come in: knowing that i may have someone (even if it’s literally just some ONE) waiting for me to write a new post, or list a new design at my etsy shop motivates me to do what needs to be done.

so here we are at the middle of november, and i’ve managed to put off designing and making my new christmas tree skirts for my shop, even though my plan was to make 10-20 skirts over the span of the past year (would’ve been smart, huh?). last week i realized how quickly christmas is nearing (the 70-80 degree weather around here is sort of throwing me off guard), so i finally finalized my design and finished my first tree skirt for 2012. i’m pretty excited about it because of the new little added touches such as simple, sweet red tie closures, and repurposed vintage fabric backing. now i have all my pieces cut and ready to go for 3-4 additional tree skirts, so my plan is to turn them out over the next few days. feel free to hold me accountable in whatever way you deem appropriate; i promise, i’ll love you for it.

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