kale. and carrots. {favorite side}

let’s talk about kale.

kale has quickly become one of my favorite greens (next to okra). it’s so versatile and so nutritious. so one day i was browsing the web, looking for a new way to prepare kale, when i stumbled upon this kale and carrots recipe.

let me just say, this recipe requires no tweaking. it is perfection. in fact, any recipe i’ve ever tried from nom nom paleo has been a huge success. so after stuffing our bellies full yesterday, i can think of nothing better than to refuel on some power greens for the next few days. OK, i’m not gonna lie, i’ve been eating this dish almost daily ever since i first tried it a couple of months ago, so it’s not unique to the day after thanksgiving…

the only slight difference between the original recipe and what i do is that i just use a large pot to sauté the kale rather than using a pressure cooker (since i don’t have one). so if you’re like me and don’t have a pressure cooker, you can follow the directions precisely up until this step, at which point you can just throw in your kale and stir occasionally while you cook on low heat until you achieve desired tenderness.

also, you’ll see that the crushed red pepper flakes are optional. i love ’em in it, but today i’m sharing, and i don’t think my guest likes spicy stuff too much, so i left it out. still delicious (she thought so too):

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