recipe index
all recipes are gluten, refined-sugar, dairy, and egg free, unless otherwise noted

{breakfast and breads}

perfect, fluffy pancakes

pigs in a blanket (contains 1 egg)

apple chicken sausage

strawberry basil honey quinoa muffins

berry-filled cinnamon rolls

cast-iron skillet banana bread


kale and carrots

pumpkin sage biscuits

coconut fruit salad

sweet potato salmon cakes

no mayo tuna, salmon, or chicken salad


cream-filled chocolate covered pumpkin donuts

chocolate cookies with a tad of hazelnut oil

pumpkin almond butter brownies

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

chocolate avocado cookies

chocolate avocado mousse

cranberry coconut cookies

peppermint chocolate cookies


refined sugar-free homemade chocolate chips

rich, creamy hot cocoa 

honey marshmallows

maple cinnamon “cream cheese” spread

crafting index

christmas tree skirts
thanksgiving “gratitude boat” craft

2 thoughts on “{indexes}

  1. xericstyle says:

    Hey! Love your new blog – and the recipes look incredible. I can’t wait to learn more!

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