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three unexpected uses of {avocados}

my husband and i love avocados in just about any form. in fact, my husband has a “guacamole” tattoo, featuring all of the ingredients of guacamole in their whole food form…


love the diversity, the flavor, the texture, the nutritional benefits. if only my children felt the same. sure, they’ll try a little guacamole every now and then (especially if their dad makes it – his is the best!), but beyond that, they seem frightened by the sight of an avocado. so, i finally figured out that i can HIDE avocados in the unexpected (i know, i’m way behind most moms who’ve been hiding veggies in their kids’ food for ages), in several dishes and treats, and my kids are none-the-wiser.

my top three unexpected uses of avocados:

1) as a substitute for mayo in a tuna, salmon, or chicken salad recipes (got this idea from this post by aprovechar)

2) as a base for chocolate pudding or mousse (giada’s recipe is wonderful, with a few substitutions to suit our dietary needs: use 3/4 cups cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips + cocoa powder, and 1/3 cup maple syrup instead of 1/2 cup of agave) – delicious with fresh fruit on top!

3) as a substitute for butter in chocolate cookies (i liked this recipe by two peas and their pod. subbed gluten free flour mix for all purpose flour, and 1/2 cup coconut sugar for both the brown and white sugar)

please feel free to share more ideas for hiding this amazing fruit, particularly in some kid-friendly dishes!

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